Thursday, April 16






i'm going to ギロッポン (giroppon) to have シースー (shisu) with Toma

however, ギロッポン is a joke

i'm sorry that today's entry is short~

wait for tomorrow's entry

any comments...
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this mischievous 24 year old Dear is racking up my brain!!
giroppon?? shisu??
thanks goodness, with the help from the Chinese translator, i get what he meant by these..LOL!

*giroppon = Roppongi
  shisu = sushi

i bet all of you might have already seen this..

but i don't think you have seen THIS!

a colored version papa pic on yamapi's birthday
dear and jin look so sexy cool by just walking beside each other~ hot Pictures, Images and Photos

please don't repost or redistribute this pic..
link to my blog if you wanna share it with your group, community or friend ^^
i appreciate your understanding and doing

normally you see netizens saying how yamada resemble yamapi in this way and that..
but look at this video i'd found just now:

at 0:47
you can clearly see how yamada's gesture is similar to yamapi's ==>
and during this recording..
sometimes you can see the way yamada speaks
really have yamapi feel..
no kidding~

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