Saturday, April 4

恋のABO preview

while surfing in youtube..
i saw these 2 news video clips of NEWS..
i was caught in total surprise..didn't expect them to release such a news so soon! (in fact, there's 25 more days to their single release)

as you're watching these 2 clips..
take note of their dance!! all i could say it was ClassiC! with a capital letter C! i'm so loving the dance moves during the chorus part animated small heart Pictures, Images and Photos
aww~~ i can't wait for the full version of this pv!!
*heart difficult to bear* ITCHY HAPPY BUNNY Pictures, Images and Photos


。Preview in Mezameshi

。Preview in Zoom In

OOH! by the way guys (for those who haven't seen this)

these are the covers for 恋のABO..

credit to Johnny's Entertianment

 Limited Edition with DVD (on NEWS Winter Party Tokyo Dome Concert)

 Regular Edition (with extra song)

to me i think it's the best!!
after the release of 2 horrible effortless single covers (Summer Time & Happy Birthday)
i think this time the crew did put in some time and effort in designing and decorating the set..

to the crew: WELL DONE, GUYS!

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