Friday, April 17





yesterday Toma and i went to have シースー~

we chatted non-stop~

ネヅジンパチ! (Nezu Jinpachi!)

↑ this is what Toma said

i think what he meant was, him going to work without even catching a sleep

no matter what i will go ネヅジンパチ (Nezu Jinpachi)

eh。 i totally have no clue what he is talking about。

then, lastly shun-kun came!

i'm so happy

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then yesterday Toma mentioned DEAR in his entry~!

volume 243


yesterday i had a passionate night with Yamashita Tomohisa。

no way~

ah, however this is the truth。

it was a brilliant gathering。

i have turned into a slightly HAPPY person

today i have been working hard during shooting too。 the weather is fine my mood is fine too!

however manejia (aka マネージャー; manager), i don't think you need to stand beside me and swing the bat。


a note from the Chinese translator..
manejia is a word which Toma and Yamapi love to use to call their manager XD

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