Tuesday, April 21





freshies of Junior High School & Senior High School & the Working Class,

how are you feeling?

are you still not getting used to it。

if you can get used to this new environment quickly and enjoy your new life, that will be great。 

when i entered Senior High School

and the University,

i could not get used to the new environment for about a month,
no, should be approximately two months

however, i'm hoping from now onwards, i can always be together with my Senior High School friends。

although there might be a period where we could not meet

when all of us gather together
we can immediately fill up the gap of time of not seeing one another。

minna, go search for someone who you can talk to and understand you from the bottom of their hearts。

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here's a short preview on next week HEY!x3
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super nice and HOT!!

by the way girls..
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