Monday, April 13





these few days the weather is good

today i'm very busy so i shall write it tomorrow!



seems like i'd exceeded the amount of bandwidth given by photobucket..
therefore some of the pictures in previous posts could not view..
BUT fret not! by 16th April..everything will be back to normal~
(just bear a few more days girls ^-^)

anyway, toma-san mentioned yamapi-dear in his nikki yesterday!!

as usual i will only translate the part where he mention yamapi-dear..
otherwise the length of this post will be super long as yesterday, toma's nikki entry was quite long~

here it is!



for my private life...

i will enriched it...

for the time being my next holiday i have it scheduled, will be hanging out with yamashita

and try asking fukuyamaさん too


sorry if this toma's nikki sounded funny >.<

any comments...
please type it in my tagboard which is located way below the sidebar ===>

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