Tuesday, April 14





very soon NEWS' 
latest CD will be releasing soon!

it will be on sale on 29th April

it isn't pronounce as 恋のAbo

it's a happy song!

after that, today

no, it's AーBーOー!

we sang it at 「ザ少年倶楽部」!

i'm very happy!!

although it's sudden
now, i'm going to read comments sent by all of you regarding my nikki!

chiba perfecture's ともみさん

「Being able to witness the real Yamashita Tomohisa which we cannot see in concerts, variety shows and dramas, I feel that the only way for fans like us to be near Yamashita Tomohisa is through his nikki!」

that's correct !

any comments...
please type it in my tagboard which is located way below the sidebar ===>

yamapi-dear sounded happy and excited in his entry today~!
glad to "feel" that..
saw from somewhere that yamapi sang 'MOLA' during the recording of ザ少年倶楽部 yesterday!!
he even tied up his long hair during this performance!
i love it when ikemen tied their hair up..
just like Jin in Don't U Ever Stop pv

so pretty and handsome~!!

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