Wednesday, April 1

toma's 31st nikki entry

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it seems like there's no entry from yamapi today
however! toma did mention our beloved yamapi-san in his nikki yesterday!

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hOOray! to TOMAPI love~



that was fast~ i had my meal with yamashita

immediately contacted me


he is such a great chap

and is a gentle chap too

it's an extremely wonderful day. chatted a lot. things regarding the future. things regarding each other.

both of us discussed it in depth

if i were to use language to describe the relationship between the two of us, that would be subtle...

it's difficult to express it

but sure enough...

he is the best and powerful soulmate

halfway through the conversation, Izumi Sano (Oguri Shun) came into the discussion

again we chatted alot

from today onwards, these shall be my vital force

the next morning, i saw sakura which is the first sakura i ever saw this year

it was very very beautiful

my favourite
(fyi: elephantkashimashi) has one song on sakura, it keeps repeating in my head

probably i will not forget the scene of rows of sakura trees

really think...

that it is very symbolic

hontoni from that day i really gained quite a large amount of help-power. next, i can dash towards my goals


any comments...
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by the way..HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! gif Pictures, Images and Photos

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