Tuesday, March 31

toma's 30th March entry

after reading yamapi's worrisome nikki yesterday..

and seeing that all of you wants to know what our beloved yamapi bestie - toma wrote in his nikki yesterday..

i've vent on an adventure to find toma-kun's translated nikki..

guess what!! i've found and translated it!! (cause it's from a chinese source) happy jump Pictures, Images and Photos

TOMAPI LOVE is located right after this!:




yamashita san is this a spoof?

「don't wish to lie」

this is the truth

i'm always thinking of living my life honestly and upright

most probably, this is a serious way of treating towards things i like

as for me, it is acting, therefore my attitude towards acting is serious

treating this matter in a serious way, is it correct...living in this world, i don't think there's a definite answer...

to my favourite acting casts...

my favourite senpai, my kouhai...


everyone is living earnestly

as expected, people who are living, will treat matters with passion and all their might

although there's a saying "all honest people are fools", i disagree to it

due to us living in this kind of world, we then have to gather all our might to live on

eto, recently this is the kind of topic that me and yamashita had chatted

is this what we have discussed?

or is it just another irresponsible entry...

but to just read what yamashita wrote in his nikki yesterday, it seems like i have done something wrong...

in fear and trepidation i asked yamashita...

「gome 。it's just a foolish entry smiley Pictures, Images and Photos let's have meal together yeah Pictures, Images and Photos

this is what he'd replied

he didn't change at all...


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