Monday, March 23





yesterday went to watch a boxing match

it was super exciting

in short, it was meaningful

after that played and chatted on my computer with my friends

today is my mum's birthday and we're planning to eat out!

wondering where should i bring her to eat~

anyway i must bring her to eat delicious and good food


credit to: akira_ken2 @ lj


according to her post..

these photos were taken from Rina's blog..

Naomi MaMa の Cake!

they bought these cakes for their celebration last night..

it look super delicious~

great job PI! you had your intention seen ("anyway i must bring her to eat delicious and good food")

anyway! happy belated birthday to you Naomi MaMa! aka okaasan
*tight slap on thick skin*

first, sorry for today's late post as i went out late with my friend..hehes..

next, thanks to those who've viewed my blog from previous post..please continue to support me ^0^

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