Monday, March 23

something out of the ordinary

nope! this is not a post regarding yamapi's nikki..

in fact, yesterday (22nd march) he did not update his nikki!

instead this is regarding me..hehe =)

i would like to share what happened to me yesterday~

yesterday, me went out with my friend (i shall nicknamed her mrs okura)

she gave me, my birthday present (which was 2 months and 20 days late) LOL

anyway, it's the thought that counts right?!?

guess what!!! didn't i expect!!!

they (she and another friend decided to share my birthday gift) bought me this!!! 

NEWS 04.09 - 03.10 calendar!!!

WUAAA!!! i'd almost scream when they present this to me..i couldn't believed what i's REAL not

recently, i chatted online with 1 of my friend..

she asked did i buy their calendar..

"nope" is my answer..

BUT a few days later..i actually own 1! cow jump Pictures, Images and Photos

ever since i'm into NEWS for this 1yr and 4mths..

my birthday present from mrs okura and my family were always been things related to either NEWS or YAMAPI Animated Hearts Pictures, Images and Photos

and i'm loving it~

my last year's birthday gifts:

 gifts from my dad
 gifts from mrs okura

pictures of my NEWS calendar!

i love the details on the cardboard

this file is super-duper pink
it will be great if i can use it in school as my personal file

but it has 4 rings -.-
anyway, i don't want to dirty it =)


i love the BIG poster (on the right)
yamapi looks cho kawaii in it *flail-ing*

that's it!!

i know it is super long ^^ but i just want to share my joy with minna-san..

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