Wednesday, May 18

no entry (5.8.2011 - 5.17.2011)

there isn't any update from pi-chan on these days.

and i'm truly sorry for the late updates on pi's nikki.
recently, i'm v v v busy with my work.
i have been on-site for the past 7 days and right now, i'm super duper tired

and guess what everyone!

i have another event to handle this coming Sunday!!

Sunday, May 8

no entry

there is no update from pi-san,

by the way,
HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the wonderful mothers on Earth!!!

Monday, May 2

no entry

there isn't any update from pi-san,

he didn't wish koyama happy birthday!! :(
he should at least update with 1 sentence like 'Happy Birthday, Kei-chan' yesterday in his nikki.
oh well~
probably, he had wished him happy b'dae privately?! :)