Thursday, May 5



everyone, this is quite random!
have all of you been doing exercise?

it seems like when human beings exercise
they will accomplish something.

take a stroll everyday for 10 minutes
three times a week
seems good.
roughly around 10 minutes
it should be relaxing!

recently when i am free
i will go to the gym centre

after finishing exercising
i felt so energized

perspiring after finish doing exercise
small frustrating matters etc, will be thrown to the back of our minds.
truly felt refreshing.

everyone please try when you are free

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yes, this is indeed v random.
why the sudden topic of exercising?
could it be a hint for what he is going to do next for his job?
as you know pi loves to throw hints to us when he has something up his sleeves :)

i got a hunch that maybe it's a new endorsement?
another exercise drink?

original posting:-
date: 6.5.2011
time: AM1:31

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