Wednesday, May 4



tomorrow, my close friend's dream is going to come true.
very happy.
this dream is something which he holds onto since he was a kid.

towards his not giving up spirit, his perseverance in going forward, and belief.

definitely there must be tough times, sad times, times when we failed
but from these tough times, we can experience and learn a lot of things

therefore, everyone must go forward step-by-step towards their dreams. and cherish it.

and when a dream is fulfilled, go towards the other dream, this is the most happiest (apparently, pi wrote happy in his nikki) thing!

Don't worry

I'll always stay next to you 

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*hearts* by the words "I'll always stay next to you" ♥
these few words can really wash away all the bad experiences and thoughts i have today :)
if only his staying next to you is true and not virtual~

and glad that pi has put in some more effort in writing his nikki in English ♥
one more step to being better with English, pi! ^-^
ganbatte for your English and your work! ;)

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