Thursday, April 2





i wrote my nikki yesterday

but it seems like i forgot to send it out Crying Pictures, Images and Photos

i'm sorry

yesterday's entry is about the 「day before's」 non-stop conversation

i talked about all the things which i've been considering about recently

then it's morning Photobucket

en route shun kun came!

it was so reminiscing, コー君 (shoko kun) 「his tv character's name from Stand Up!」

it has been a long time i've seen him

he had chatted things about himself a lot

never did i expect to have chatted so much with toma and shun

i'm really very happy Photobucket

i have to be more 「serious」

i'm not mature enough

really, i feel as if i've became very useless

therefore, i shall work very hard to improve myself

more serious, to become someone who brings genki to everyone

to relook the reason why i'm in this industry

then give my best shot to continue it!

any comments...
please type it in my tagboard which is located way below the sidebar ===>

by the way girls, as all of you should have known by now..
NEWS participated in this Channel V Battle Pop Voting Contest..
and their worthy opponent is Super Junior..NEWS is the only JE group participating in this competition..

the winner for this poll will have their pv shown on Channel V for an seems like suju is leading NEWS by 600+ votes..

so i'm hoping that all of you will help NEWS to vote..
to allow them to know there's a large fan base supporting them..
and to help JE and JE boys to win an honor back..

please take note: you can only vote once..however, you can setup fake email accountsss to vote..fret not! as they will not send notification email on your votes to your personal email and so to your fake email..and help to spread this telegram around..

to register: 

to vote: 

so ganbatte NEWS fans and NEWS!

ps: i've voted 65 votes today!!!

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