Saturday, April 11





today when i woke up it's already afternoon

recently i love to sleep
to the extent of thinking i have slept too much Photobucket

i used to be in a state of sleepiness all the time, during my middle school period, it's been a long time since it emerge again

that's all, oyasuminasai

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sorry for this late post =(
since this morning, 11am, i was working..
till 6pm..
after that went to look for more part-time job opportunities..
which then leads to this late post

today i worked as a flyer/phamplet distributor *despo for job*
it was super tiring (never did i imagine it will be)
more tiring than working as a part-time sales assistant..
as a sales assistant you had shelter above your head..people to take care of you..
whereas working as a flyer distributor..i realised it did not give me a secure feeling (more prone to bad guys, etc)
however, its pay is much higher than my previous job..haiis~ there's a saying "in this world, there is no free lunch" in other words..everything has a price to pay..
but i got praised for my good attitude =) the manager is thinking of asking me back to help him..but i'm still thinking whether i should accept this offer?!?

true~ i can earn more money..i don't need to find another job..
false~ it's VERY tiring!!

and after working as a flyer distributor today..i feel pity to those people who have to work as this to earn a living..and that! i'll help them by taking their flyers and not rejecting them anymore!

reason why suddenly i'm being so hardworking is because..
my school break is ending soon
and i need extra money to pay my misc stuff..
AND my expenses and air ticket to JAPAN!!
really want to go there and hopefully am able to meet yamapi Pictures, Images and Photos on the street and to say "Ganbatte" to him and will always support and love him (hmm..i think i shall leave this 'love him always' part might sound freaky and crazy to him when there's 1 stranger on the street suddenly rush up to him and say these words)

therefore to make this dream/goal to come true..
i will need to ganbatte too!!
*feeling so now* (having to work so hard to get what she want..if you know what i mean)

apparently the time is 2:43am..but i shall edit this post to 11:59pm and sorry for this long post =P

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