Saturday, April 25


words in purple
are words which yamapi typed in English




today i was on MS!

my hair was super superb

but i would like to say having such a hairstyle once in a while might be good too

next week i'll be appearing on MS again!

my hair might return back to its normal shape next week, cannot say for sure

today's topic is


now i'm going to rinse my hair three times!

ah, for those of you who have not seen MS might not comprehend

today i appeared on a music program titled 「MUSIC STATION」

then, i had curly curly afro hair

so in order to get rid of the curls, now i need to rinse my hair three times (^o^)

any comments...
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this is what yamapi-dear was talking about!

cool~ :D

and you might be wondering who is Annie?!?
well minna-san..
yamapi was referring to this cute lil Annie!

from this famous musical!

by the way,
i haven't seen MS performance and interview yet :x
but i'll download and watch it asap!

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