Thursday, April 23





yesterday after watching tv my tension was HIGH, can't really sleep。

then went to hear Madonna's CD

her songs was so awesome, i was a little bit shocked, therefore i was HIGH once again。

in this world there are plenty of

great music。

once again i felt the world's vastness。

recently i've been listening to nice western music CD

after that, using this method, i went to find out what type of music genre i like。

unconsciously i found it。

in future, on my own, i will want everyone to see more laugh Pictures, Images and Photos

holding approximately two nationwide concert tour in a year, to allow everyone's tension to get high

i'm getting all happy by just thinking about this alone。。。。

when i'm back to reality, its already morning。

today i shall work hard in writing my lyrics。

ano, see you tomorrow

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words in purple
are what pi-chan wrote, in english ^^

today i had my first ever FYP (Final Year Project) discussion with my schoolmates and my teacher in-charge..
during the discussion, we met lots of obstacles (my mind wasn't working well today..woke up 545am, this morning *sigh*)
from just the discussion, i already can feel the pressure and stress in completing it..
i'm afraid i can't finish on time and meeting my own expectation


so far, 4 days after school starts..
i already am aware that i have 2 individual presentation
(oh gosh! i don't like presentation..
somemore this time its individual~ die diE DIE!!!)

by the way..
found something to cheer me up ^^

gosh! from this video..
i can see and feel that yamapi has really grown up alot!
it seems his behaviour and the way he communicate becomes mature (at least this is how i feel ^^)
simply just love the aura he gave in this video..

and his hair in grey outfit!! ikemen!! Drooling Smiley_2 Pictures, Images and Photos
lovin' it!!

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