Sunday, April 5





today i have been called by my friend 『kisama』 (an impolite form of You) after a long time

he had overly said it ザマス*

i was hoping i could be like Suneo's mum

to rebutt him with kisama!

to be called like that i must certainly fire back ザマス*

alright, good children from tomorrow onwards do not learn from Suneo's mum to add ザマス* at the end of all sentences

any comments...
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*take note: ザマス (aka zamasu) was often used by Suneo's mum in Doraemon, it's a way rich women talked in the past

i can see Yamapi really like DORAEMON a lot credit vitupera Pictures, Images and Photos
and he is super cute here..he acted like a kindergarten teacher to all the kids in the world


by the way, i shall tidy up the format of his nikki tomorrow morning/'s 1:09am over here in my country..

sorry for the inconvenience caused


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