Wednesday, April 15






rain (in jap: ame)。candy (in jap: ame)。

why do they have the same pronounciation?

cloud (in jap: kumo)。spider (in jap: kumo)。

why do they have the same pronounciation?

japanese language is so tough。

changing the topic

seems like my mabudachi's niece likes me。

so happy

example when there's food that she dislike。

if this were said to her, “やまぴーlikes it。"

"then i shall eat。"

this is what she said。

that is so cute。

everytime after hearing words like this, my feeling upsurge (^O^)

any comments...
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yamapi and the niece mechaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are so lovable~<3

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