Thursday, July 30





today i've eaten my favourite Okinawa soba!

very very delicious~

although it's still not the time for dinner
couldn't resist any longer, i ate it

recently, i've changed my handphone language setting to english.

i can also learn a lot by doing so~

credit baidu

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yeah! blogger's layout and settings has return back to normal~!
i can post up better dimension and color-code my words!!
*happy happy!* ^^

anyway, this is such a coincidence~!
or should i say a mere coincidence ^^

yesterday afternoon, i changed the language settings of one of my gadgets which isn't my handphone unfortunately, but my ipod..
from english to japanese!!
gosh..! freaky~
Scared Pictures, Images and Photos

yesterday evening, i watched Dr. Dolittle 3..
erm..well, overall i think this movie is..........
it's a typical children movie, i should say
x) hehe
(how dare i say such a thing when my behaviour and thinking is so childish sometimes)

nonetheless, the animals featured in the movie are so cute!
but a bit talkative though..hehe..
personally, i don't really like watching movie with animals talking..
somehow, i find it................


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