Monday, July 27





yesterday i had a meal together with the basketball team mates

ate a lot of meat!

no, it's consuming too much of it

today it's all about the filming too

ah, someone's calling me

off to play basketball!

today's view!

credit baidu

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first on the roll, on the things that's happening around me..

last thursday, i couldn't believe what i saw and did at my school's library..
while i was on my break in between lessons, as usual, i went to my school's library media section to search for DVDs which may interest me..
this movie title caught my attention!

DR. DOLITTLE 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but firstly, do all of you still remember what yamapi said in a recent interview asking him what movie DVD did he watch recently??
yup! he answered 'dr. dolittle 3'!!!
and he even stated his reason for watching - it uses simple english which can help him in his english learning process..

and so~ the wacky mrsyamapi me..
immediately grabbed the dvd off the shelf and borrowed it! LOL!
but! i have not seen it yet x) hehe..
i shall post my after thoughts, after i watch it ^^

soon~ soon~ soon~! 

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