Thursday, July 9

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki yesterday..
but for those, fangirls, who visit my blog every single day..
i'd found something for all of you..

warning! please take note at 0:36 - 0:38
hope that that scene is part of the drama (and not as a promotional scene for this CM)
so that i can better admire it (i shall not spoil the'll understand what i say after watching it)

onion head Pictures, Images and Photos

and here's a HQ version of Buzzer Beat #4 CM?!? (i think~)
this version is so much better!
can see pi's pretty face so clearly :hearts:

here's something watchful21 shared with everyone on her livejournal..
[[pig emoticon msn Pictures, Images and PhotosGINZA magazine photoshoot]]
a preview for all of you:

photo credit to XQ

there's somemore shocking photoshoots from this August issue of GINZA..
something which you and me never seen him done before..
just click on the links below:

  • 001

  • 002

  • 003

  • 004

  • 005

  • 006

  • 007

  • did he dyed his hair back to black?!?
    hmm emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

    by the way..
    4 more days to Buzzer Beat premier!

    *clear throat and whisper*
    can't believe yamapi is also counting down to his latest drama in #6 CM..
    such a coincident
    *sweet in the heart*

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