Tuesday, July 14


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




i'm gakeppuchi no hero!

have everyone watched 『BUZZER BEAT~Gakeppuchi no Hero~』?
if you have watched it, i'll be very happy.

today, since early this morning, i've been promoting from 『mezamashi TV』 to 『笑っていいとも!』!

katori shingo even wore a shirt with BUZZER BEAT print on, while hosting the programme.
thank you!

i just watched this afternoon's pre-recorded programme.

truly thanking all those people who came to yoyogi stadium!
having all of you wait for so long, under the unbearable heat.

thanks to everyone's help in assisting this tedious shoot, since morning.

from tomorrow onwards, again, i'll be anticipating for the shoot.
therefore, i'll have to work hard, work hard to produce a work which gives those people watching some energy!

erm. good night.

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

i have a question~!
pi-dear posted this nikki entry at PM6:13..
but! Buzzer Beat was showing in japan at PM9:00..
so those people who have replied 'yes' to his question..
must be lying~~~

so did anyone of you watch it yet?!?
personally, i only watched the first 3 minutes of the drama..
past few days, in my blog, i kept blogging about it premiering soon..
but i didn't finish watching it!!!!
i'm being so contradicting here~


well, reason being, i wish to reserve my first time viewing this drama with a better quality video =) 
ie. i'm waiting for the local media store to import the drama dvd in (^^) which means i have to wait for a couple more months, after the drama's finale, for the non-official dvd to be released..
haiis~ *"patiently" waiting*

so, for those of you who don't mind watching raw clips of the drama..
you can visit this website:
and if i'm not wrong,
i think a few days later,
an english sub version will be uploaded soon, in that website~!

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