Friday, July 17





hi everyone, i'm overly-sunburnt man!

yesterday and the day before, we had filming at the beach, i was overly-tanned till my skin is pricking now.

this morning while showering, it was so painful.

it in touch with hot water, was really quite painful.

even though i applied sunblock lotion, it was of no use.

today, i'm planning to shower with cold water!

credit baidu

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silly yamapi!
how can you bath in hot water when you're suffering from bad sunburnt now!
he must have been too tired to think properly and!
thank goodness..
NEWS shot Koi no ABO pv before yamapi shot this scene..
otherwise, he will look like 1 of these afro men in the pv..

joking joking~

enough with the joking..
*still giggling*

i'm lacking of discipline to update pi's translated nikki..
cannot "ah~ forget it!"
i must fix this problem asap!
but how?!?

here's something which will feast all of our eyes..
maybe you have seen it..
but i don't think you'll mind seeing it again.. 

from TV Guide Magazine

from Weekly Television Magazine
screaming gif. Pictures, Images and Photos

yamapi's c-cup moobs is so obvious and big!
uh-hmm *clearing throat* a-cup here..

and here's a v. handsome picture of him!

i have a thing for guys wearing blouse..
somemore it's yamapi who is wearing it, in this picture..
a plus point!
kakkoi! XD

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