Friday, July 31





today there's the dance lesson which i haven't been attending for three weeks, therefore i'm super duper excited.

can't wait

really feel like reaching there early

today's dinner i had somen*

it had a very summer feeling to it

not to mention somen is very delicious!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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*for more info about somen
copy & paste this link:ōmen
blogger is giving me problem again..
not allowing me to add this link and color-code my words~

dancing! yeah!
i like to see yamapi dance!
he got this charisma whenever he's on stage dancing
just like this performance~

my all-time favourite performance of his
so erotically handsome~
he seems to be enjoying his performance of this song in SC..

and this

so cute~
so young yet already now how to flirt with his fans

actual posting:-
date: 08.01.2009
time: PM3:14

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