Saturday, August 1






today, it's the fliming of (ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~) too!

what shall i write today ne?

i have no idea too, that's why i've ask!

ah! then i shall talk about a tiny knowledge which i acquired yesterday.

everyone knows lion, right?

there's male and female!

to differentiate which is male and which is female~~

it is said that the one with its mouth open, is the male~~

that's all.

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after reading, all of you must be wondering..
what lion is he referring to?!?

initially, after i read his nikki..
i thought he's referring to this animal
Lion Pictures, Images and Photos
"huh~?! mouth opened = lion, mouth closed = lioness?!" was my thoughts..

but in actual fact,
he is referring to these Okinawa lion status - shisa
Shisa Pictures, Images and Photos
now i get it~

you learnt something everyday! ^^

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