Monday, August 3





summer's curry man!

desu sho.

today specially feel like eating it!

i'm full!

yesterday, wrote about that respectable first person who ate XX ranking

i feel that the very first person who ate prawn and sea cucumber were exceptionally amazing! isn't that right?!

no sea cucumber

ah, it's raining exceptionally mystically!

hmm, is actually quite mystical!

it will be strange if i was seen using an umbrella

everyone must be careful too!

credit fb's achan ^^

hungry for comments & they are love!
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LOL at the sea cucumber!
he really hate to eat that ne~
*diligently taking down notes for it*

and why is it that he don't like to use an umbrella?!
is it because it may make him look uncool?!
i used to hate bringing an umbrella whenever i go out..
i find it a hassle and was actually thinking that it takes up space in my bag..
but after since my mum bought for me a cute frog umbrella
funny frog Pictures, Images and Photos
i started liking to use it blog hearts Pictures, Images and Photos
whether it's raining or sunny ^^
thanks mum! *muacks*

today, my class outing, we went to the theatre to watch Public Enemies
Public Enemies Pictures, Images and Photos was a bit boring at the beginning and in the middle part..
as they were filled with scenes of these gangsters firing their guns away non-stop..
occasionally, i jumped out of my seats in these!
so in some parts of the shows, after i could sense something gonna happen..
i practically shut my eyes up!
Dylan shut eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

however, its ending was super exciting and nice!
i found myself grasping my hands, staring at the screen with big googoo eyes and breathing with short breaths while watching it!
excited Pictures, Images and Photos

i think it deserves 2.5 stars out of 5~?!?
but if you're there to see Johnny Depp (which apparently i'm not)
3 stars out of 5~?!?
nod Pictures, Images and Photos

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