Sunday, August 9





today i rode on a bicycle to go for a stroll!

while i was cycling, i began to perspire a lot
it as if i'm working out in the gym

but the bicycle is the best!

superbly comfortable!

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oh man~
this post reminded me that it's been a while since i cycle..
3 years, if i'm not wrong..since i last cycled..
hmm..i shall cycle during my school break~
guinea cycling! Pictures, Images and Photos
but i wonder do i still remember how to cycle..
in addition, i can use this chance to relax, calm and refresh my mind..
as these past few weeks, i'm feeling troubled..
there's some problems surfacing between me and my classmates..
*sigh*ing sasori Pictures, Images and Photos

right now, i have the same feeling as yamapi towards his blackflies..
however, not that serious till i wanna kill them..
just feel like bashing, whacking them up..
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*argh! cum cursing*
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