Saturday, August 15





genki desu ka?

extremely genki desu!

today, grandfather turn 79!

happy birthday!

yesterday, i had meal together with grandfather, grandmother and mum
to celebrate grandfather's birthday!

in the future too, hope he can continue to live happily, over hundred years old.

from the depth of my heart, i would pray for my family's good health.

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otanjoubi omedetou, sofu!
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whao! 79 years old!
he must have been through a lot..
imagine living in this world for 79 years,
witnessing all the changes and events happening around you..
it must be something v. great!
*admiration towards jiijii*

forever genki ne, jiijii! ^^

actual posting:-
date: 08.20.2009
time: PM8:46

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