Saturday, August 29


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




tomorrow, finally going to shoot 「24 Hour TV 32nd 『Love to Save the Earth』 START!~Taking the First Step~」.

in conclusion, from today onwards i shall not sleep to practice.

will not think in this way too.

happened to turn and look at the left hand side of the train cabin,
just nice with an auntie who was using an oil blotting paper

we had eye contact.

not sure why, it lasted 3 seconds.

after that, "whoosh" the train went off.

felt a
indescribably atmosphere.

in tomorrow's




from the bottom of my heart, i strongly want to blow off this feeling

24 years old


a place to end off.

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omg! it sounded like yamapi had a weird encounter with an obachan on the train..
so funny! XD

that obachan is so lucky to have met yamapi..
however, it must be quite embarrassing to be caught using a oil-blotting paper in front of yamapi..
if it were me, i would want to dig a hole quick in front of me..
and stuck my head in it..
hole dig shovel Pictures, Images and Photos

so embarassing!

actual posting:-
date: 09.02.2009
time: AM12:53

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