Tuesday, August 18





today i met up with the composer

i was pondering, whether can such a feeling be produced over here?

can i add in this music?

in the end, they did all the effects that i want by using the computer

i'm truly touch

the music was wonderfully done

not knowing why, i had goosebumps

thank you eveyone for the perfect, earnest work

thanks everyone!!!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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yeah! major progress in yamapi-dear's masterpiece!
now that they have the lyrics and the melody..
what they are missing now is the singing part!

hopefully, after yamapi-dear's current tight schedule,
he can go to the studio as soon as possible to record it!!!!!

to dear,
i'm okay with waiting for a few more weeks..
yup! daijoubu!
ganbatte in your current work! ^^
yamapi hwaiting!

actual posting:-
date: 08.20.2009
time: PM11:18

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