Wednesday, August 19


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



last night i had a good night sleep
in the afternoon, while i was eating the noodle that i bought
i was thinking "why is there so little fresh ginger"
with this thought in mind, the noodle tasted delicious.

thinking of wanting more fresh ginger..
pondering where can i obtain more fresh ginger.

was lying~
it isn't anything important that needs lying..
where can i find fresh ginger?
is it grown on the ground, or is it grown underground, i'm not sure.

but why would i want to write something regarding fresh ginger over here, i don't understand too.

ah~ thinking of wanting to write calligraphy to calm my mind down
recently i've been watching MUSIC series DVD all by myself, very high, my heart is itching and raring to go
then, this and fresh ginger totally no relation.

i will do and say anything that comes to my mind
i seem to be this sort of person.

Thank u

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yup! yamapi-dear!
there's totally no link between the things you do and your dear fresh ginger..

actually i admire the way he act and say..
according to this sentence "i will do and say anything that comes to my mind"
i think it takes a lot of courage to say whatever comes to your mind..
as some words aren't to be said so freely like "i'm hungry"
if all of you understand what i meant..
eg. confessing your true feelings to someone who you cherish..
something similiar to this..

okay, back to pi's nikki entry..
i totally LOL when i translate this sentence "ah~ thinking of wanting to write calligraphy to calm my mind down"
just couldn't imagine yamapi writing calligraphy..
the image doesn't seems right~
Pucca Calligrapher Pictures, Images and Photos

actual posting:-
date: 08.21.2009
time: AM12:09

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