Saturday, August 22





perspired a lot.

for the whole day, today.

been invaded by the feeling of my body burning.

the sweat are really flowing non-stop
as if i'm in a sauna!

ma~ to think of it positively
pretend i had a free sauna session

what am i doing.

right now i'm going to eat the New York sandwich.

because it was sold at the shooting location, so i bought it
i have no clue what's in the sandwich.

from my guess, probably it's The Statue of Liberty

no way, right!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh gosh, yamapi-dear!
Fainting in Shock Pictures, Images and Photos
you must be very tired from your filming that you're having illusion for your sandwich!

but that joke isn't that bad!
quite humorous!

actual posting:-
date: 09.01.2009
time: PM9:08

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