Thursday, August 20

no entry

no updates today~
i think yamapi must have been REAL busy lately..
he hasn't been updating his nikki regularly..
but whatever you're busy right now, ganbatte ne!

sorry minna-san that i abandoned this blog for a couple of days..
i didn't mean to..
right now, the thing that is robbing my fandom life is my tests and exams which began this week..
and it will last for another 2 WEEKS!
damn it! *argh!*
therefore, for the next 2 weeks..
updates on yamapi nikki will not be as regular as last time..

this time,
i translated his nikki in between my revision..
as i tell myself if i don't on my lappy any longer..
i'll go crazy! from all the studies and stress!
so there you go..
i think i'd translated 7 entries today (including this entry)..
which also means that i didn't on my lappy for 5 days STRAIGHT!!!
sweating Pictures, Images and Photos
*wiping sweat off*

if nothing goes wrong..
my next update will be a week later (27/8 [THUR])
so sorry ne~
please bear with it x)

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