Thursday, August 27


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




the wind at night is turning colder!

that's bad, winter is coming.

to someone like me who can't handle the coldness
rather depressing .

really thinking of escaping to the south


now although i just finish my bento, i feel that i can still eat

in moment like this, what shall we do?

oh yeah!!

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right now in my country..
the weather is getting colder..
almost everyday, it'll rain..
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sometimes, i would think,
i would prefer to die in coldness than in hot condition..
the best method would be ice age!!!
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because i don't have to endure the pain of fire burning on your skin..
and during ice age, i would die immediately..

crazy thoughts of mine..

actual posting:-
date: 09.02.2009
time: AM12.24

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