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in today's daily schedule
under a column named【daily must have during drama shooting】, a sentence was written by a staff-san.

it seems like there's this ranking chart regarding
respecting the first person who ate (___________)

first on the chart is the person who ate the kusaya
second on the list is the very first person who had tasted the natto.

indeed deserves to be respected!

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from what i have read on wikipedia..
these 2 food products is really very smelly and unbearable to consume it..
these people truly deserves to be respected for discovering these food and inventing way(s) to eat it..

i finished watching the entire series of Ryusei no Kizuna on MioTV,
yesterday evening

4 hrs straight; non-stop! super duper pleasurable~~
and its ending was super duper nice and exciting!
okay~ i shan't talked about its ending here..
i don't wanna spoil any fun..
but, its ending really helps to lift the entire drama up by SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!
it's something that deserves to be watched!

i like it whenever Shizuna's boss, Takayama Hisanobu,

showed up in the drama..
his opening background music always cracks me up!
never fail at all~

another screencap of him:


okay! stop it!

and this girl, Kumada Sea,
she acts as young toda erika in the drama..

she's soooooooooooooo cute~
i think she got great potential to be a great actress someday :)

oh ya!
to tell all of you..
this is the first Ryo drama that i watch..
nope! i didn't watch 1 Litre of Tears..
as i'm afraid that i would cry till my eyes are swollen and my emotions will get depressed after watching it..

i think ryo has upgrade himself in my favourite member in NEWS ranking list..
he is super cute and funny in this drama..
and his love for his non-biological sister is just so sweet and heartwarming~
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that's all!

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