Tuesday, August 11


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today i attended the show, Waratte iitomo!

it's the first time that i chatted with TAMORI-san on the telephone shocking segment.

time flies with a blink of the eye.
extremely happy.

received a lot of flowers and mails
felt truly grateful to these people who have sent flowers and mails to me
i'm extremely delighted!

change of topic
today i came across a type of liquid spray which gives off a nice fragance smell.
three seconds after my purchase, i can smell its scent emitting from my pocket

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

i'm not pretty sure
did all of you notice that in recent yamapi's nikkis,
he had put in some humorous elements into it..
making me LMAO whenever i'm translating his nikki..

hope this persist..
so that i can smile/laugh whenever i'm translating his nikki
and throw all my worries away~

and thank you, yamapi-dear
for yesterday's entry ^^

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