Tuesday, January 19




today's weather is really great!

yesterday's filming until this morning then ended
slightly tired.

because today's filming starts in the evening
during daytime, went out for a slight stroll!

the sun is bright, therefore my mood is extremely good too

really hoping that everyday i can sunbathe once!

today too, will be filming!

even though maybe i can't watch it live on tv

wait until filming has completed, i will go and watch

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the filming ended in the morning,
then yamapi-dear went for a stroll, during the daytime..
after that, continue with the shooting in the evening..
and after filming, he wants to watch episode 2!!!

which means that yamapi didn't sleep/rest at all..
or maybe he did..
but couldn't be that long~

it's been hard on you ne~
hence, ganbatte ne! X)

for those of you (like me) who have not watch it..
someone had uploaded the English subbed version on streaming sites!
click HERE to watch it ^^

apparently, there's too many people watching..
thus, some of you might not be able to watch it (like me)
there's a will, there's a way

and if any of you here knows where we can watch it..
do tell us~!
either in my comment box or in the cbox :)
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