Thursday, January 14




this morning, we were filming 「Code Blue」
after that, had curry rice for lunch
right now, on my way to [VS Arashi] recording.

like games so much
thus, so looking forward to it!

off i go!

credit baidu

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the curry seems delicious!

oh ya!
casts from Code Blue 2 will be appearing on the special episode of [VS Arashi],
next week..
that's fast..
and i can see yamapi and aiba simultaneously on tv!~ ♥

anticipating to see what miracle can yamapi create in this program..
remember that time when casts from Code Blue Special went on this show?!
then they played the pipe-dropping thingy?!

if any of you can't recall..
i've embedded the video below
though it's not english subbed

Code Blue Special on VS Arashi

credit bluberry@dailymotion

look at pi's mane!
luckily he did some changes to it
*phew~* hehes..

personally, i think,
when it comes to playing games (be it electronic games or physical strength games)..
he's a genius!!
don't cha think?!

another evidence can be found in this following clip:
Yamapi doing WiiFIT

credit Jessi1991@YT

he mentioned that this is the first time he played this..
in the end, he attained the highest score!
sugee, pi-chan!~


  1. Yes, I like him so much and he's amazing in almost all of the show, but please don't let him play bowling =(

  2. hello :) dropping by to say hello. Thank you for the nikki update and the video of CB2 vs Arashi :) and i have the same banner as u in my LJ. :D

  3. @Anonymous: LOL..yup! i agree with you X) he can be v bad in bowling..

    @lil-footprints: hi! thank you for commenting in my humble comment box..hehes..and you're welcome, it's my pleasure ^-^

    by the way, that video of VS Arashi was last year's..not the recent one X) the recent one will be airing in Japan on the 21st of the time, if i can find someone upload it on YT..i'll embed it into my blog entry :) therefore, do look forward to it ♥

  4. @lil-footprints: and ya! we have the same banner! hahas..great minds think alike~ :) i like this banner because all of them look cute ♥ hehes..