Sunday, January 24




today is very cold too.

have a slight urge of having hotpot.

seems like my first hotpot party happened when i was in elementary grade six.

i remember that time, i received takki-kun's invitation, bought some stuff and was thinking of helping out, but ended up doing nothing.

aiba-kun was there too!
as compared to present, there's no much of a difference.
exactly the same as what all of you imagine aiba-chan would be.

this is the first time, i mentioned aiba-chan.

had a great time playing in [VS Arashi]!

thinking of holding a hotpot party with everyone again.

unexpectedly recall this!

so reminiscing!

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actually there's two meaning to this sentence,
"this is the first time, i mentioned aiba-chan."

1) this is the first time, he mentioned aiba in his nikki.
2) this is the first time, pi called aiba as aiba-chan.

i wasn't clear what he meant..
shall leave it up to all of you to interpret this sentence

when i first read it..
my first impression was 1)

cause it will be great! :D
as among the five arashi members..
why would he want to mention aiba instead?!

could it be that he saw my previous post(s) of me,
mentioning seeing him and aiba simultaneously on television during [VS Arashi]?!
*daydreaming* X)

a few weeks ago..
i happened to see this clip on YouTube
which tackey went on to Hanamaru Cafe and mentioned about a nabe (hotpot) party with a group of jr. (which include yamapi and aiba)
could it be that the hotpot party which pi mentioned yesterday..
the same as this hotpot party?! :)

here's the clip

Takki, A.rashi, YamaPi eat Nabe

credit CryBaby211@YT

in the photo,
yamapi looked older than an elementary grade 6 kid~

as for the [VS Arashi] videos which i have embedded in yesterday's post..
i've found the missing video!!
thank you, tomo, for pointing out the problem to me
click HERE to witness how yamapi did for the pink ball game segment~!
i couldn't embed it here as the uploader has disable the embedding option X)

enjoy watching!


  1. hotpot??hmm..sounds nice...haha...feeling a bit hungry after reading this and imagining that spicy hotpot in my mind...XD...

    could it be that he saw my previous post(s) of me,
    mentioning seeing him and aiba simultaneously on television during [VS Arashi]?!..."

    hmmm...possible...possible...*duzel nods*...hehe...=D

    oh...that clip! i think it should be when pi's older, coz takki said it's the their 3d time having hotpot party..i wonder if it's always kimchi nabe?haha... too much..sorry...thank you for the translation, selina!!^^

  2. you're welcome, duzel :)

    fret not, never ever did i think that a yamapi fan's comment to me is fact, i <3 to read long entry..somehow it gives me the impression that you got a lot of things to tell me..and also am excited to share with me :) therefore, feel free to bomb as much comments as you want to ^^

    oops! i miss that information = "third time having this kimchi nabe" hehes..thanks for pointing it out :) you've help me solve my problem..hehes..