Saturday, January 23

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki~
oh well~
*sigh*ing sasori Pictures, Images and Photos

even though he didn't update his nikki yesterday..
someone had uploaded the video of [VS Arashi] on YouTube!!
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go under the cut for the videos

here it is~

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(1)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(2)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(3)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(4)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(5)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(6)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(7)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(8)

vs arashi~真冬の最強王者決定戦~(9)

all videos credit to knaou1@YT

i myself have not seen it yet..
therefore, after posting this entry up..
i shall watch it, asap!
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1 comment:

  1. thank you for linking these videos ;D
    i was waiting for that episode of VS Arashi!
    i like that TV programm very much and this episode with Yamapi was very funny xD