Saturday, January 2




Happy New Year!!

this year too, please give me lots of advices and guidances

hungry for comments and they are love!
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did all of ya have a great day yesterday?!
and the day before?!

i know i had a wonderful New Year Eve night..
my group of fangirls and I went to a friend's house to watch the JE countdown together..
initially, i thought we will be watching on a small laptop screen..
but, NO!
we were watching it on a large plasma tv!
Shock Big Pictures, Images and Photos
cool, man~

if either of you have not watched it yet..
someone have already posted the vids up on youtube!
and here they are:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

all videos credit to NEWSHFAN@LJ and ChickenBoyTegoshi@YT for subbing, sharing and uploading :)

Waiiii Pictures, Images and Photos
there's tomapi moment! ♥

there's also 1 scene whereby toma, yamapi, matsumoto and jin stood in a line!!
i can call that the ikemen moment! ♥

but how i wish that matsumoto isn't standing in between pi and jin..
because i want to see some PIN moment too kyaa Pictures, Images and Photos

guess what!
tomorrow (3rd Jan) is my BIRTHDAY!!
my 21st birthday! ^^

to the Chinese, 21st is considered as the age whereby one is considered to be an adult..
just like what Japanese think that 20 is the age whereby they have become an adult and a coming of age day was proceed..
however, in Singapore context, we don't have a public holiday to celebrate those people who will be turning 21..

anyways, last night,
my family and i head over to the nearest pizza hut to have a feast, to celebrate my birthday! ♥
(and that also explains why i didn't manage to update pi's nikki..
gomen! x.X)
right now, they have this Christmas promotion which i totally forgot what it called..
but anyway, everything was delicious
Yummy Pictures, Images and Photos
except for one thing! hehe..
you'll know if you read on

firstly, this pizza was super yummy!

and this drink too~!

sorry i forgot what it is called too..
i'm really getting old X)

and here are the rest of the meal..

The Soup of the Day - Chicken Vegetable Soup (or something like that X])

The Large Platter Thingy

it was delicious too Yummy Pictures, Images and Photos

____ Trio

Chicken Pomodoro Pasta

its tomato-y sauce has a very rich taste
yummmy! xP

Chic Delite Crispy Thin Pizza

which doesn't look like the one in the menu ↓
felt cheated -.-

and lastly,
the Oriental Salad

its black olives and red cabbage aren't that tasty..
its black olives tasted funny~?!
whereas the red cabbage = bitter
:=+: Pictures, Images and Photos

yup! and that's all for my food review..

by the way,
i've changed the background picture and discard the snow effect previously used in my blog,
to something which you're seeing now ^-^
hope it's isn't too late to place these things in my blog


  1. Thank you for the translaion >.<
    the background is lovely ;D and Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. I know it's tomorrow, but Happy Birthday! *sings the famous b-day song by NEWS* I also wish you a VERY happy New Year~ 恭喜發財 ^___^ May all your wishes come true! :)

    Predictably, I'm in a very sad mood these days. SJ-M's performance in Hunan TV New Year's Concert was quite disordered without Hannie *is ripping and burning the nonsensical SME-created-contract every minute*. I hope Hannie will win this case, get well and start a solo career as soon as possible~ But hey, other SJ members didn't sue SME (apparently it was just a rumour), so at least Super Junior is going to stay active ^^ And I'm quite sure stupid SME won't disband SJ-M either...I just hope they will leave it as a 6 members band.
    PS. I still like Kyuhyun :D But man, next time please think before writing ^^'' PEACE ^^v

    PS.PS. Yamapi forever!!! <3


  3. @yttenaid: you're welcome and thank you so much for wishing me! ^-^

    @Rei: thank you so much for wishing me ^^ *listening happily to the infamous b'dae song ><* hehe..and Happy NEWS year to you too! hehe..but to let you know..恭喜發財 is only used in Lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) and not during New Year..hehe..shall keep this blessing till next month!! hehe..thanks in advance!! :)
    and i'm so sorry that i haven't reply to your message..please forgive me >_<