Sunday, January 3

no entry

a present from my hubby - no nikki yesterday..
oh well~
he's a busy man, ya know..
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ganbatte, my man~♥

as all of you might have known - if you've read 2nd Jan posts..
today is my b'dae!


i would like to dedicated this video to myself :P

credit yuya1614@YT

instead of the pv,
i've chosen this because
somehow the ♥ among the members in this video,
were strongly felt by me, today (not sure why though x.X)
and even though, the pictures in the video were not new..
it's nice and touching?!
yup! i felt it (touched) too ♥
aww~ (~_~)

and also..
i would like to thank everyone who have wished me, Happy Birthday!
thank you, guys
*hugs and kisses*
even though, i never see all of ya face-to-face..
or even close to all of you..
all of you still wish me, Happy Birthday..

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PS: i shall post my celebrations tomorrow, as right now i'm rushing to go out..
gomen! X)
plus, i'm planning to decorate my cake with an animated yamapi..
maybe it might not be clear as to what i'm talking about, now..
but, tomorrow i'll post up pictures of it..
then all of you will understand ^^

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