Thursday, February 24

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

well, that's expected
because he flew off to Korea yesterday, to promote his Asian tour and solo activities.
visit this website,, to see more photos of pi's arrival in Korea! :)
he looked so kakkoi in that outfit and sunglasses~♥ (and it seem like the lighting in Korea airport is pretty good. every photo taken were acceptable.)

as expected, the situation at the airport wasn't as crazy as what happened in 2008? during his private leisure trip to Korea, as the organizer must have called in more security guards :D


  1. LOL

    You probably read it, but still, this!

  2. nope. i haven't seen this article yet. thank you for sharing! :) lol. the person who wrote this article need to have his/her eyes check. haha! besides the gender problem, he/she had failed in spelling pi's past drama titles. gosh~ *faint* hope that the writer's boss isn't a pi fan. otherwise, we will be seeing this lol mistake anymore. hehe.