Sunday, February 13




today, also in order to promote the movie [Ashita no Joe]
had been appearing on television non-stop

and doing magazine interviews.

after which were periphery shooting
just ended

then tonight i will be appearing on [SmaSTATION] live!

much anticipation
to be able to meet shingo

hungry for comments and they are love!
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if i'm not wrong,
SmaSTATION is a English oriented program which means that he maybe speaking English throughout the show?

nevertheless, can't wait to see their interaction ^-^

before ending this post,
a note to everyone:
pi did update his nikki on the 11th Feb.
you may click here to read it or you can return back to the homepage and find it under this post :)


  1. ^o^ I haven't watched all of SmaSTATION yet, I'll keep my eye out for English, even if he doesn't speak any English on the show, it will still be nice to see him hang out with Shingo

  2. yup! i agree. anyway, i don't think pi spoke any English. hehe. by the way, kind watchful21-san have uploaded the download links for this program in her journal :)