Monday, February 14

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there was no update from pi-san,

February 14th = Valentine's Day.
so how many flowers / boxes of chocolates did all of you receive?!

personally today, i truly feel that it's great to be single
because firstly, you do not have to feel jealous or whatever towards someone who received more gifts than you, when both of you have boyfriend.
and secondly, i don't have to feel troubled for wondering why my boyfriend didn't send flowers to my office (then, to show off to everyone that you have a nice ans sweet boyfriend)

actually, you don't have to have boyfriend / girlfriend in order to spend your valentine's day meaningfully~
instead, you can spend this day together with your family members (which i think will be more meaningful and memorable than with your bf / gf).



  1. I think you expressed that thought very well. I totally agree. Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Happy Valentines Day! (It's V-Day here still)

    Valentines Day = Reminder of Single Awareness Day XD

    I don't mind being single on V-Day, it's actually my uncle's birthday on V-Day, so usually i'm with my family on this day ^o^

  3. @nikkimattei: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

    @newsxo: lol @ "Valentines Day = Reminder of Single Awareness Day" but i don't think valentine's day as a reminder to myself for being single though~ hehe.

  4. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3
    This day I received some roses from my friends maybe they had pity to me cause the boy I secretly love didn't give me anything...
    But I was so happy to receive them ^^
    love all my friends <3 <3
    héhé and my dad give me un éclair au chocolat :p (don't know how to say it in English)

    Are there some rumors from Pi dated someone (even he's too busy this last time) ??

    How did you celebrate Valentine's Day in your country? I know for example in Japan, girls have to give chocolates to boys and a month later boys to girls. But how it is in your country? Or anything else about that ^^

  5. aww~ that's sweet of your friend. for me, i didn't receive any gifts or flowers from either of my friends (most of them are overseas studying, that's why =\) i think i know what's un éclair au chocolat. in my country, normally we call it eclair regardless of its flavor :D

    anyways, in my country, on this day all boys and girls will give gifts or presents to the person they adore. unlike Japan, whereby the boys will reciprocate their feelings to the girl they received choco from, one month later, in my country everything happen on the same day :D

    yup! previously, there are some rumors flying around that he is dating a foreign girlfriend. however, from the papa pictures that were taken, somehow my intuition is telling me that this is all a hoax. the lady is just a friend of pi (and since recently, he is so into English language. i think it's normal for him to start hanging out with English-speaking friend.) - this is what i think.

  6. yeah I'm very lucky to have them that's why I cherish them <3 For the next year I'll think of U ;) (will try to find a present or anything else)

    thanks for the answer, I like to learn about other countrys' habits.
    I've got an Germain penpal who told me in Germany they don't really celebrate Valentine's day.

    This last time I've got a busy schedule cause I have to study for exams so no time to surf in the net to look about pi's news. thx to inform me ^^. Have u got links to the photo?
    A friend told me that Pi dated a French girl (or maybe the girl we are talking about)and show me some photos from tabloid. What's your analyse of this lol ?

    Have u got an (personnal) blog ? I'll follow u ^^

  7. your friends are so lucky to have you as their friend - a friend who cherishes her friendship with her friends :) haha! thank you in advance!

    hmm. that's interesting to know that Germans don't celebrate Valentine's. hehe. thanks for the knowledge :)

    Nope. i don't own a personal blog. this is the only blog i have.