Wednesday, February 23

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

right now, can i do a small rant?
i feel like doing a small rant.

firstly, i would like to ask everyone,
if your friend who ain't that close to you but are quite with you (ie. just a normal friend) didn't come to your birthday party and didn't buy you any present. would you get angry with her?!

frankly speaking, i would feel slightly disappointed but not to the extent of being angry with that person.
however, for a moment, i would feel slightly awkward around that person.

why am i saying this is because these few days,
i have a colleague who just celebrated her birthday over the weekend.
for her party, i didn't attend as, to tell you the truth, i don't feel like going as i don't feel like socializing that day ( yup! there are quite a number of times in my life where i find socializing is troublesome X] )
anyways, these few days during work, THAT colleague's attitude towards me changed 180 degree.
in front of everyone, she would be acting all nice and friendly towards me
and when it's only me and her, she would show her f**king, bitchy, slutty attitude towards me.
is this the typical hypocrites found in a typical office working environment?


for this, i shall ignore and forget it and let herself to think stupidly that i give a damn to it.
anyway, from the beginning, i already told myself that never would i be able to find a friend who can truly truly truly treat you well and really really really want to be friend with you in this company.
whatever your colleague(s) are doing (which seems like helping you) are all stepping stones/intentions which can benefit themselves in the near future.
again, HYPOCRITES *yuck*

and thanks to her, i double confirmed with myself that i shall be myself - not to be another lady who love to gossip and just quietly do my work everyday.
i want to lead a quiet and low profile life for this next 1.5 - 2 years.

lastly, i would like to tell her that
"i shall not expose you or whatever because i believe that one day, all these disgusting acts will be found out by one of the colleagues. nothing is secret in the company."

minna, if you have read till here,
i want to say sorry for this random rant and also, thank you for reading it.
moreover, for allowing me to blurt out whatever is kept within me these past few days, because if i am not going to said these all out, i think i'm going to break down soon.

right now, i feel so much better :)


  1. *-* Rant!

    Ok Yes I've read to the bottom, and I'm here to listen(read technically) And congratulations to you for taking the higher road.
    And really ... Not going to her party, and now she's like this, we all get busy at times right, and yes there are times when we just don't want to socialize, I dont know why people get so touchy with these sorts of thing, my friend and her sister are going through the exact same thing... my friend was working in the restaurant, and her sister asked if she could do something for her, and my friend says "sorry, no i'm busy right now" and ever since then they'll be civil to each other, but they'll hardly talk to each other. "is this the typical hypocrites found in a typical office working environment?" Yes, because once she's exposed, in caparison it will show what a better worker you are ^-^ "confirmed with myself that i shall be myself" Because your born who you are, and it's to tiresome to try and act like somebody else (leave that job to actors)
    "i want to say sorry for this random rant" We all need a random rant once in a while

    Glad you feel better♥

  2. Wait if this is a small rant, next time can I see an example of a long rant? :P

  3. thank you newsxo for reading my rant to the end. i actually thought nobody will bother to read something which is non-pi related. you are more than just a pi fan :) thank you for your concern and kind listening. this way, you make me feel much better too as i know someone is listening to what i want to say. thank you! :)

    ........... lol. hopefully not~ i don't want to feel troubled again. hehe.

  4. after a long time to translate --') I can say all things newsxo said are right! (difficult to say more)
    Moreover I think that your colleague is an self-interested person (for the party and her wanted present), don't worry this kind of person are fast spotted by the other. Just don't care about her (I know it's difficult we often want to hit hypocrites)
    "confirmed with myself that i shall be myself" people like u are also fast spotted and the other will easier give u confidence ;)
    Sorry for this useless comment, newsxo has all said --'
    ps: "i want to say sorry for this random rant" it's normal to have a somewhere to let off steam when things like this arrive ;)
    Bisous !!!!! <3

  5. hi Julie, thanks for these words :) your comment and newxo's comment really give me comfort. somehow it feels like there are still people in this world who cares and listen to my rant. it truly helps me, hontou ni! :) thank you both :)