Saturday, February 12


pi-san didn't update his nikki. again.

he must be v busy right now promoting his movie.
we shall all be kind and nice to him and not pressure him to update his nikki~
we shall give him the freedom to update it, as and when he likes. hehe.

"pi, we will understand :) and ganbatte with your promotions. we will be watching over you! ^-^"

[EDIT] apparently, yamapi did update his nikki on this date X)
below you'll find his update:



[Ashita no Joe] the movie

started showing.

everytime when i watch my work for the first time,
it's very difficult for me to view it from a third party's point of view.
but this first time i saw it,
i, as an audience, was touched.

all casts, and production crews, put their whole heart into this work.

this hard work and sincerity was sent across to me via the big screen.

i felt the feeling of passion and charisma of a hot-blooded man, and the meaning behind working so hard,
also the focus of moving forward, achieving the goal wholeheartedly.

i think this work allow people to understand these powers.

to properly spend my time today, having the spirit of fighting to the end, in order to welcome the light for tomorrow.

this work taught me how important these are.

hope everyone can come and watch this movie, regardless of gender and age.

young girls. please invite your dad to watch this movie together.

also those girls who don't really speak to their fathers because of alienation.

if, because of this movie the alienation between family members was eliminated
then there will be a bigger meaning to my all-out challenge at the risk of my life, of filming this movie [Ashita no Joe].

up till now, it maybe a guy's topic
but if female audience who support me are able to feel the charisma of [Ashita no Joe].

then there will be more meaning to it, with me acting as Yabuki Joe.

of course male audiences who are supporting me
the feelings felt by you will definitely be different from the feelings felt by the female audiences
the feeling will definitely be unlimited passion and the energy to look forward to tomorrow

moreover, to witness athletic, Ioka Kazuto's world challenge live.
to athletic Ioka, to become a champion within a short period of time, it definitely is his best day.

so touched.

i will definitely continue to work hard too
continue to challenge, improving myself continuously.

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this entry is so super duper long!!
i think this is the longest nikki translation that i did XD

thank goodness right now i'm not that sleepy,
otherwise i don't think i can finish it.

once in a while having to translate this long nikki,
is refreshing.
and somehow, this entry allows me to understand how yamapi think of himself having to act this character and hope what his character and movie can help his fellow fans~

someday in the future while watching this movie,
i do hope that i will get inspired by it, and then improve myself gradually - to become a better person and to love myself more :)


  1. On Friday, Tomohisa Yamashita (25) and other cast members participated in a stage greeting for the movie "Ashita no Joe" at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. During the event, distributor Toho announced that the film will be opening in 9 different regions overseas, including France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore(♥!), Thailand, and Brunei.

    The Taiwan release date has been set for March 18, while the others have not yet been decided. It appears likely that they will be scheduled sometime during March, when Yamashita will already be traveling around Asia for the rest of his solo tour.

    For me I don't think it will come to North America, but ...... Shige's drama did make its screening at NY so you never know ^-^

  2. i just read this news from my email~♥ and i was super shock to see it. past few days, i was wondering whether will it be shown in my country, and *boom* this news answered my question. lol. that's great ne~ and i see pi's c cup moob (enlarge x10) in front of me!! (*-*) hehe.

    AKTF. always believe that it will be shown in your country. nothing is impossible. if it really didn't show in your country, then don't worry, you can always purchase the DVD from online shopping portal :)

  3. WOW *o*
    Long Entry!

    Pi must have been traveling to somewhere and had lots of free time to write this

    I'll be waiting for the DVD release‼

    Hey, have you seen Kei-chan's Uri Sarang solo song yet??

  4. nope. i have not seen it yet. did he have a solo song? =X mind sending me the link to it? hehe.

  5. tell me you're not joking newsxo, in France ooooh yes, I'm to happy !! ^^

    Like you I was wondering whether will it be shown in my country.
    kya~ too happy
    thx to share this news ^^