Tuesday, February 8





the preview party for [Ashita no Joe] was held at Korakuen HALL.
champions from the past, and the present came over to the event.

deeply touched.

change of topic, saying which today is the 2500th update.

thank you everyone for following it for so long

i'm very happy

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

another update from pi-san (^-^)v

okay, i need help from all of you (actually, it's the crew and actors from Buzzer Beat need help from everyone),
under this link: http://sgeawards.omy.sg/categories/#music-list1-nom1
Buzzer Beat need everyone's enthusiastic vote to win the award for most popular drama series shown at cable tv (among its rivals, there are 'You're Beautiful', 'IRIS' and other v popular Taiwan and Hong Kong dramas).

moreover, Buzzer Beat is the ONLY japanese drama among the nominees ^^
therefore, it would be great if BB wins this title and show everyone in my country (which is seriously in KPOP craze right now) that JPOP is still hot in Singapore :)

consequently, event organizers will start thinking of bringing in more JPOP artists into Singapore ^-^
i want JPOP craze in Singapore!!

oh by the way, all of you have to register for an account first before casting your votes to BB.
and all of us can cast our votes once per day~~!!

-------------------------------start of random message from me--------------------------------------------

as all of you might have notice, i've been calling yamapi as pi-san, pi-chan, pi-sama and pi.
there's no consistency in what i call him (and i don't really like it)
therefore, right now i'm going to decide what is the name that i wanna call him :)
in addition to doing so, in future i wouldn't have the trouble to think what to call him :D

hence from now onwards,
i'm going to call him.....................................................................

----------------------------------------- end of message X) -----------------------------------------------

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  1. lol random message
    Pi-san, nice choice!

    Congrats Pi on the 2500th update. ^-^