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previously watched a very interesting movie

the movie is about swindling one another

the story is about an old man and an another guy

within two hours, these two characters keep deceiving each other

really very interesting!

jude law 最高

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it is said that yamapi must have watched this movie

before he entered this entry..

thus, i checked my library dvd database..
and made an immediate reserve on this dvd!!

Running Fast Pictures, Images and Photos
(i'm fast~ haha..)

i'm thinking of watching it and understand/feel what is it that makes yamapi keep praising about this movie..
after i got my dvd and have watch it..
i shall post my afterthoughts about it, over here ^^

by the way,
recently i keep hearing people (regardless of friends, strangers or celebrities) commenting on jude law's suaveness and/or acting skills..

did he did something or clinch a new movie deal, recently?!

Jude Law Pictures, Images and Photos

original posting:-
date: 10.29.2009
time: PM5:49

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